Biodegradable boxes made with high-grade
food safe material

Food Packaging Boxes

Food packaging boxes are widely demanded by restaurants, hotels, bakeries, eateries, confectioneries and fast-food chains.

Our wholesale food packaging boxes wraps in various sizes and colours. The food packaging boxes manufacturer delivering safe material to prevent the food from spoilage. At the same time, the box will also ensure that the food remains hot for a long period of time. We have boxes made from hard cardboard, foil, paperboard and polypropylene.

The thickness of the box can be adjusted too and can vary from 300 GSM to 450 GSM. Our food packaging boxes comes with various finishing touches such as emboss, gloss, matte, UV coating, varnishing or lamination. We offer food packaging boxes for burgers, nuggets, French fries, popcorn chicken, tea, pastry, cupcakes and many other food items.

  • Bakery Box

    Bakery Box

  • birthday cake Box

    birthday cake Box

  • Chocolate box

    Chocolate box

  • Cup cake box

    Cup cake box

  • Dip tea box

    Dip tea box

  • Dosa box

    Dosa box

  • fancy cake box

    fancy cake box

  • Fancy tea box

    Fancy tea box

  • food grade box

    food grade box

  • French fries Box

    French fries Box

  • Fresh cream box

    Fresh cream box

  • nuggets cake box

    nuggets cake box

  • pastry chips box

    pastry chips box

  • pizza box

    pizza box

  • Plum Cake Box

    Plum Cake Box

  • Popcorn Box

    Popcorn Box

  • Sweet Box

    Sweet Box

  • Tea Box

    Tea Box

  • Bread Box

    Bread Box