Made from fine grade paperboard
to complement the garment being packed

Garment Packing Boxes

We at Sandstone supply attractive and affordable garment boxes. Our wholesale garment boxes are made from first grade paperboard that is biodegradable, recyclable and disposable.

We manufacture garment packaging boxes which provide high customized feature as per your required dimension and style. Our garment packaging boxes will complement quality of garment or apparel being packed in it.

We offer plain garment boxes as well as printed garment boxes. The top of the box can be finished with a gloss finish or matte finish. We also offer them in various thicknesses such as 100 GSM to 250 GSM. The beautiful design, excellent finish and durable nature of our garment boxes make us standout. Also, our wholesale garment boxes are lightweight and tamper-resistant. We offer wholesale garment boxes for shirts, sarees, vests, undergarments and t-shirts.

  • Shirt box

    Shirt box

  • Fancy Shirt Box

    Fancy Shirt Box

  • Silk saree box

    Silk saree box

  • Panties Box

    Panties Box

  • Shirt tags

    Shirt tags

  • Bra Box

    Bra Box

  • T Shirt Boxes

    T Shirt Boxes

  • Vest Boxes

    Vest Boxes